Friday, 25 October 2013

Fame for my Face Cabochons!

Last week I got an email from a lovely Swedish lady called Halinka who had seen this post on my blog and wanted to order some of my cabochons to use in her own designs. I agreed and sent her three cabs, and she wrote back a couple of days later saying that she LOVES them and has written a blog post about them. Well, how about that? :)

Please visit her blog (IE works better than Firefox for some reason) and give it some love. My cabs are discussed towards the bottom of the post. Check out her amazing beadwork while you're there!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Waving not drowning

Hello! I'm still alive, despite all evidence to the contrary. Announcing that I intend to do anything regularly seems to be a death knell for this blog ;)

Since I last posted back in August, my editing work has picked up. I put in a lot of effort for very little return initially, and then as soon as September hit all the authors seemed to come back from their summer writing retreats and start their search for an editor - me, for a couple of them :)

I have had two manuscripts on the go, which has been stressful and hasn't left much time for anything else. All of which serves to illustrate the ebb and flow of freelance work. Feast one month, famine the next!

Actually this suits my creative side rather well, since while I am waiting for work to come in, I can busy myself with work of my own - stocking up my Etsy shop in anticipation of Christmas (Yule, Winter Solstice, Thingymas, Commercial Season) - and when I have editing work in hand I can put down the polymer clay and get on with it.

I think with freelance work there is a balance to be struck. You will be unhappy if you need to be constantly supplied with work from external sources, because it just does not happen that way in the current economy. You need to have your own interests, and preferably ones that make a bit of an income, so you can be productive and make use of the inevitable down time - perhaps even see it as a perk of the job.

We'll look at how you make ends meet in another post!